Tech-Con Group

Tech-Con Group 

The Group started back in 1987, as a small family enterprise distributing CAMOZZI pneumatics parts in Israel. Tech-Con Group itself was founded in 2006, when we set up independent subsidiaries to supply components for industrial automation (previously these operated incorporated into our automotive companies).

We are proud to inform you that our Group is in Poland since 2017.

Tech-Con Poland

Address: ul. Legnicka 21, 41-811 Zabrze

Phone: +48798721254

Tech-Con Hungary

Address: 1133 Budapest Véső utca 9-11., HUNGARY

Phone: +3614114161

Mobile: +36202889347

Tech-Con Romania

Address: 8000 Bucuresti Calea Crângasi nr. 60,Sector 6, ROMANIA

Phone: +40212219640

Tech-Con Czech Republic

Address: Ve Žlíbku 1800, 193 00 Praha 9 (areál BigBox, budova B6), Česká republika

Phone: +420277004705

Mobile: +420724107487

Tech-Con Serbia

Address: Cara Dušana 205a 11080 ZEMUN, Belgrade, SERBIA

Phone: +381114142790

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