A soft starter can be explained as a device used with motors to reduce the inrush current and torque during startup for a temporary period. It makes use of a gradually increasing voltage to the motors which often results in smooth acceleration of the motor and coupled load. It offers a linear power slope which also enables smooth acceleration, which in turn, reduces in rush currents along with the excessive wear on mechanical driven elements. The starter also contains a valuable provision to adjust the starting torque and acceleration time. This can be chosen to suit different applications.


A soft starter ensures smooth and uniform starting by torque control for gradual acceleration of the drive system which goes on to help in preventing jerks (in the case of phase 3 control starters). This extends the life of mechanical components and reduces their maintenance requirements.A significant reduction in starting current to achieve break-away, along with holding back the current during acceleration. Soft starters also play significant roles in preventing mechanical, electrical, thermal weakening of the electrical equipment such as motors, transformers & switchgear. The microprocessor version of the soft starter possesses a software controlled response at full speed which helps in monitoring energy.
Soft starters facilitate power factor correction as well – it is a self monitoring inbuilt feature.



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