Mobile vacuum lifters


TAWI Mobile Order Picker

We offer the TAWI Mobile Order Picker is a fully mobile vacuum lifter compatible with any forklift or LLOP. The ideal solution for order picking, or any other manual handling of goods where mobility is key. Just lift and go with this innovative order picker forklift!


High-speed forklift vacuum lifter

We offer a container unloader which is a High-speed forklift vacuum lifter. Thanks to the extremely compact design of this truck attachment, the operator can smoothly move the arm in and out of pallet racks reaching all goods on a pallet from top to bottom.


TAWI telescopic

Unloading containers fast and effortless, TAWI telescopic mounted unloader increases productivity and reduces physical strain on workers. This ergonomic and user-friendly vacuum lifter is designed to create the optimal working experience. It allows you to grip up to 40 kg from any side, turn it 360°, and release it as required. It is assembled onto a telescopic conveyor either factory-fitted or retro-fitted.




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