Crane systems


Telescopic crane system

A telescopic crane system offers limitless possibilities to reach areas that would otherwise not be possible Ideal for facilities with limited space, low headroom, or to reach and pick up goods inside pallet racks.


Low-built crane system

A low-built crane system offers maximal lifting height in facilities with limited headroom and a more integrated solution for your flush operations.


Monorail and curves crane systems

The monorail and curves crane systems are the most cost-efficient choice when work is performed along one continuous line. 45° curve modules can be added to optimize the system for your unique production line.


Floor mounted cranes

The floor mounted cranes are an optimal solution when the ceiling construction is not strong enough to hold the crane system and are the primary option for tall ceilings as well as open-air applications.


Double girder crane system

In a double girder crane system, the triangular construction ensures stable operations when handling up to 1 500 kilos of material.


Single girder crane system

In a single girder crane system, the rectangular workspace offers optimal flexibility in all types of production.


Steel and aluminium profiles

Steel and aluminium profiles offer simple installations, patented self-adjusting joints, superior ergonomics, and easy operation with the aluminium or steel profiles that make up our lightweight crane systems. Aluminium profiles let you create a truly lightweight crane system. Steel profiles enable longer bridge spans and accommodate heavier loads. Combined systems are perfect when multiple girders will weigh down the same system, and enable the best overall cost-performance ratio.


Stainless-steel jib crane

A stainless-steel jib crane is a great option in the food or pharmaceutical industries. TAWI offers stainless steel options in an over braced, under braced or articulating execution. Suitable for lightweight lifting up to 80 kg. The jib crane is flexible and can be installed on a wall or column. Available in the radius of action up to 360 degrees and various arm lengths.


Lightweight jib arms

The lightweight jib arms can be mounted on a wall or pillar. An aluminium jib arm ensures minimal resistance in operations.


Articulating arm crane

An articulating arm crane is a good option for small working areas offering flexible handling during operation. Increased mobility and free rotation mean the operator can avoid fixed obstacles more easily.


Low-built jib with aluminium profile

The low-built jib with aluminium profile is suitable for lifting up to 40 kg. This is an optimal solution for low headroom workstations. Various or customized arm lengths are available.


Standard jib crane

The standard jib crane greatly improves the situation of a repetitive workstation, and in some cases even makes it possible in the first place.



TAWI offers a mobile base plate for a portable jib crane solution. The base plate can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.


Floor-mounted cranes

For floor-mounted cranes, TAWI offers a standard column for mounting all jib cranes as well as full customization possibilities according to customers’ requirements.


Wall-mounted jib crane

For most conditions, a wall-mounted jib crane is an optimal solution as the crane requires no additional structure, but the arm and tool itself, in order to achieve material handling. Wall-mounted jib arms enable easy handling of material up to 125 kg in weight.




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