ROLLON Linear and Telescopic guides

ROLLON Linear and telescopic guides

ROLLON is a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems, guides and linear actuators. Our principal products include ROLLON’s Compact Rail linear guide, Telescopic linear guides and our ActuatorLINE™, and Uniline family of actuators, that are designed to meet the requirements of engineers involved in machine design applications in the primary fields of industrial automation and robotics.

Industrial applications of linear motion systems

Rollon linear railstelescopic rails and linear actuators are mechanical components used to control movements with different variables and complexity. They are used in many industrial sectors. This is why each Rollon product has been designed to meet the exact requirements of the end application. Light weight, load capacity, self-alignment, corrosion resistance, speed, and precision: each industry has specific requirements carefully considered by Rollon’s R&D department in order to provide custom solutions.

Rollon linear rails, telescopic rails and linear actuators are used in a very wide range of applications that we use on a daily basis, enhancing their functionality, comfort and reliability. Some examples of covered industrial sectors: railway, aerospace, medical, logistics, specialty vehicles and industrial production processes.




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