Linear Motion technology

Linear Motion technology

THK‘s creative ideas and unique technology made the company worldwide pioneers in the development of the Linear Motion (LM) Guide mechanism. Today, THK LM Guide devices are an indispensable component of mechanical and electronic systems in a wide variety of industries. Regardless of size, THK ball screws suit any system that puts high load-bearing capacity, accuracy and rigidity in focus.

Weather you need singe or multi-axis linear actuator Rollon roller guides and telescopes provides the solution. As a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems, guides and linear actuators, Rollon products are designed to meet the requirements of engineers involved in machine design applications in the primary fields of industrial automation and robotics.

With THK linear technology and Rollon roller guides and telescopes within our product range we provide optimized solution for assembly special machines, packaging industry, robot systems, semi-conductors and electronics, measurement systems, machine tools and machining centers.

No matter which industrial sector you operate in, we are glad to help you design and select the most suitable components for your linear motion systems.

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